Iran Threatens Closing the Hormuz Strait

Hormuz is one the most important water ways in the Gulf, known as the choke point through which 20 percent of the worlds’ oil carried by tankers. The maximum pressure on Iran and imposing more sanctions  by the US have forces Iranian officials to threat shutting up the strait. Eight countries which import Irans’ oil under the previous sanctions including China, India and Turkey will not be able to by Iranian oil anymore.

Last few days the maximum pressure campaign by the US on Iran has made this country an unpredictable regional player. While the Iranian political authorities have not come with any statements, the armed forces of the country have taken the new power platform.

Mohammad Bagheri, the Major General of the Iranian armed forces says:” We are not after closing the strait of Hormuz but if the hostility of the enemies increases, we will be able to do so….” He adds that if Iranian oil does not go through the strait, other countries’ oil will certainly not cross the strait either.

Iranian authorities try to keep themselves as the game keeper by bringing up the issue that 17.4 million barrels go to the 1/5 world oil consumers per day through the strait.

The countries like Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain are the major oil exporters through the Hormuz strait.



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