Members of European Parliament hold peaceful demonstration before the European Parliament against gross human rights violation of Ahwazi people in Iran

A peaceful demonstration took place on March 4th 2020 at 1h30 in front of the European Parliament to claim freedom and respect for human rights in Al Ahwaz region in Iran. Many European parliamentarians joined the demonstration, including MEP Fulvio Martusciello who said: “Ahwazi people are subject to the most atrocious crimes by the Iranian regime. We ask the European Parliament to speak out for the desire of these people to declare their independence. The Danish and the Dutch government a few weeks ago detained the leader of the movement Habib Jabor Kaabi and the head of Media relations Jacob Mohammed as well as members of the organisation Tamim Farouk Beck and Eisa Savari. We respect the Danish and the Dutch government and we have faith in their systems of justice and we call for the release of the detainees . We will fight for a resolution that commits Iran to respect human rights”

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