President Vladimir Putin wishes ladies a Happy International Women’s Day

Russian President

The eighth of March is an important, official national holiday in Russia and elsewhere celebrating womanhood. It is often regarded as a day dedicated to spring, female beauty, tenderness and wisdom.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made his annual address to the women of Russia on 8 March to wish them a happy International Women’s Day, noting their ability to manage everything, while remaining charming, beautiful and feminine.

“This holiday is always filled with joy, flowers, presents,and sincere heartfelt emotions. We’re rushing to congratulate our mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends, and colleagues, to tell them about our admiration and love, about our respect and gratitude. We want to tell you that you, our dear women, are the best in the world,” he said.

He specifically honoured women who devote themselves to motherhood, which, he believes, is “the most responsible and difficult, yet the noblest and most rewarding labour”.

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