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Poets' Shrine in Tabriz

Tabriz Sorkhab Cemetery (Magbarat-o-Shoara or Poets’ Shrine)

This old cemetery has already been respected because of the famous poets whom have been buried there during several centuries. More than 400 poets, literates and Gnostics have slept eternally there which can be considered an indication for rich culture of Tabriz as well as Azerbaijan.

This historic cemetery has been mentioned for the first time at Nozhat-ol-Gholub which has been written by Hamdollah-e-Mostufi in 1339 AD. The new architectural building was designed and operated about 1972 and finally it was completed and inaugurated formally on 1988 during funeral ceremony of Ostad Shahriar, one of the most famous as well as the greatest poets of Iran at the recent century which has created several great masterpieces both in Turkish and Persian languages.

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