South Azerbaijan National Movement Activist Alireza Farashi Is Accused Of Sspionage!

According to human rights activists in South Azerbaijan, South Azerbaijan national civil activist Alireza Farshi has been accused of espionage for "Saudi Arabia" through collaborating with ANT. Farshi has told his relatives about the case in a brief call with them.

The judge in “Shahid Mogaddas” District Prosecutor’s Office of Evin prison, has issued an unprecedented provisional detention warrant (the heaviest form of warrent).

According to the report, engineer Alireza Farashi, a graduate of Sharif University, worked as a software engineer at a company called “Khorshide Iranian” which is depended to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.  It seems that according to the regulations of the company travelling abroad was forbidden without the permission of its executives.

The company’s executives are said to have caused many problems for him after his returning back from a one-month trip to Turkey in October this year.

In recent years, the security authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been trying to intimidate the Azerbaijani society with the “security scenarios” in the face of increasing popularity of Azerbaijani national civil activists in the Turkish-populated areas of Iran.

Over the past few years, while Lake Urmia started to be dried unnaturally in South Azerbaijan, which was more likely seemed to be a “deliberate drying up”, environmental activists in Azerbaijan protest the Iranian government’s policy of disregarding environmental issues in the region which has led to disasters such as the drying up of Lake Urmia, in contrast – they have faced accusations of separatist activities and ethnicism.

And now, with the launch of the ANT television network in recent months, which has begun to work professionally and has received widespread acceptance, and despite this short period of time, it has been able to reach the Azerbaijani community and the Turkic regions. The Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to intimidate and restrict South Azerbaijan activists with false claims and a “security scenario” plan.

Specifically, given the successive defeats of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various international arenas, the Iranian regime has decided to “hard retaliate” activists of the National Movement of Azerbaijan through baseless accusations!

Previously, Alireza Farashi had been sentenced to 15 years in prison as well as 2 years of compulsory stay in Baghmalak (a region around Ahvaz) by a Revolutionary Court Branch for attending the International Mother Language Day, in Nasim city of Tehran.

In the past months, Amnesty International has called for the abolition of the prison sentence as well as the exile of engineer Alireza Farashi.

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