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Syrian troops regain full control over Aleppo-Damascus highway

Russian Defense Ministry

The Syrian armed forces have established full control over the strategically important highway linking the country’s northern capital Aleppo with major cities in the south, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

“At present, a vital transport corridor in Syria – the M5 highway linking the besieged northern capital Aleppo with Syria’s southern cities (Hama, Homs and Damascus) has been liberated from terrorists,” the statement reads.

Syria’s SANA news agency reported a few hours later that Syrian government forces, advancing from the Western outskirts of Aleppo, liberated the inhabited localities of Sheikh-Ali, Arada and Arnaz from terrorists.

According to the agency, the operation allowed the governmental troops to expand their zone of control adjacent to the Aleppo-Damascus highway.

Earlier in the day, the troops liberated the area of Khan el-Asal and the Rashideen-4 district, from where militants regularly shelled western outskirts of Aleppo.

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