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South Azerbaijan Activists Detained Due To Recent Unrests In Iran

With regard to the internet shutdown in Iran, It’s not possible to declare the exact number of the detainees or to announce their exact identity. But, according to the news we have received from our sources in Iran, at least 300 persons have been arrested by the suppressive forces, among which more than 50 persons are South Azerbaijan National Democratic Activists. Some of them have been arrested in their homes or work places.

According to South Azerbaijan Human Rights Activists, some of the detainees are as following list, but as it has been mentioned before, we have no direct access to the lists of the detainees. So, this list may be completed:

Akbar Mohajeri

Hojjat Mokhtari

Shahin Barzgar

Ayyub Shiri

Davood Shiri

Ruzbeh Piri

Yashar Piri

Babak Hoseini Moqaddam

Ali azizi

Salar Taheri Afshar

Siyamek Seifi

Meysam Jolani

Ahmad Abedi

Faraz Norouzi

Ghaffar Rezaiyan

Tohid Khademi



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