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Turkish MoD says ‘neutralised’ 21 Syrian soldiers

Defence Ministry

Earlier, the Ministry said that two Turkish soldiers had been killed and three more injured as a result of the Syrian army fire.

Turkey’s Defence Ministry said on Friday that they had ‘neutralised’ 21 Syrian government troops at about 4 pm on 5 March after its two soldiers had been killed in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib.

Two artillery systems and two MLRS belonging to Syrian government forces were destroyed by Turkish drones, it added.

On Thursday, the Turkish Defense Ministry said that Syrian troops fired at and killed two Turkish soldiers while injuring three others, adding that retaliatory fire was being directed at Syrian army positions in the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met on 5 March in Moscow and agreed on a ceasefire in Idlib, which started at midnight on 6 March.

According to the agreement, Russia and Turkey shall start joint patrols on the M4 highway in northern Syria. The agreement also stipulates that a 12-km security corridor for Syria’s Idlib province will be established to the north and to the south of the highway.

The Turkish government launched ‘Operation Spring Shield’ last week after Syrian army attacks on terrorist positions killed dozens of Turkish troops in Idlib. According to Moscow, the Turkish soldiers were operating amongst al-Nusra* militants. Ankara later claimed its army had “neutralised” up to 300 Syrian soldiers.

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