Fires extinguished in some villages of Shabran

The fire in the village of Zeyve in the Shabran region of Azerbaijan has been extinguished, Javid Mammadov, a representative of the head of the executive power in the village of Zeyve, told aznewstv's employee seconded to Shabran.

According to him, the fire engulfed about 100 hectares of forests and shrubs: “The houses were not damaged. Serious damage was caused only to the forest area. Fires in these areas were also extinguished last night by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.”

Mammadov noted that the electricity supply to the village had been restored since last night: “Gas supply will be restored today.”

He noted that the fires that had erupted in the villages of Pirabadil, Sumagava, and Gazma Zokhrami were also extinguished.

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