S Azerbaijani expert: It is needless to question issue of democracy if there is condition for election

Election is one of the most important symbols of democracy, sovereignty and human rights. If conditions are created for elections in a country, it is unnecessary to question the issue of democracy and human rights in that country.

Elyar Kamrani, a political expert from South Azerbaijan, said these words in his comment to Azernews. He added that Azerbaijan is experiencing the most important historical moments among the post-Soviet countries in the last few years. For this reason, it is considered appropriate to hold early presidential elections.

“First of all, I must mention that if an election is held in a country, democracy, that is, the right to vote, exists in that country, and people’s voting is considered important.

As for the holding of extraordinary elections, in my opinion, it is the right time for this in a country like Azerbaijan, which is distinguished with its political influence in the region and beyond, and where democracy is developing,” Kamrani said.

The expert added that interest and activity in elections is another example of the right to free suffrage. According to him, this kind of example has been continued as a tradition in Azerbaijan since the country’s independence.

“The level of democracy within a country can also be determined by the level of participation in elections. Azerbaijan has always been active in elections since its independence. We know that in recent days, a number of pressures from the West regarding democracy have been applied to Azerbaijan. However, I must emphasise that, in terms of democracy, one country cannot be compared with another. Each country has its own democratic values and principles.”

In addition, Elyar Kamrani said that he believes that the elections to be held on February 7 will be completely transparent. He noted that Azerbaijan invited the UN and other organizations as observers to ensure full transparency of the elections.

“I can say with confidence that the elections in Azerbaijan will be held transparently. As far as I know, Azerbaijan appealed to several institutions to ensure the participation of the UN and other organizations as observers in the elections,” he emphasised.

The expert from South Azerbaijan expressed his opinion about the economic situation of the country. He emphasized both the political and economic progress of Azerbaijan in the past five years as a special achievement.

“If we look at the innovations in Azerbaijan in the past 5 years, we can say that Azerbaijan is already among the countries that have confirmed themselves both economically and politically. The economic situation in the country is rather stable, even with a rapid trend towards development.

In the last four years, even Azerbaijan has reached the level of a country that fully guarantees sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is no coincidence that the upcoming extraordinary presidential elections are the first to be held in Azerbaijan, which has secured its full sovereignty as well as its entire territorial integrity.

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