Appeal for the Protection of Azerbaijani Rights in Iran

Please sign this petition to support the protection of Azerbaijani rights in Iran. Together, we can make a difference!

As a concerned citizen and a member of the South Azerbaijani community, I am deeply troubled by the ongoing violations of the rights of ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Iran. With an estimated population of 30 million, Azerbaijanis make up a significant portion of Iran’s diverse society. However, their rights have been systematically and severely violated in recent months.
One pressing issue that demands immediate attention is the water shortage problem in areas where Azerbaijanis reside. This issue has escalated over the past few years, leading to dire consequences for human livelihoods and environmental sustainability. The Iranian authorities have shown indifference toward resolving this crisis, exacerbating the deteriorating situation.
The lack of action by Iranian authorities not only reflects their disregard for fundamental human rights but also highlights their deliberate neglect towards addressing environmental concerns in Azerbaijani-populated regions. This negligence has resulted in severe consequences, such as desertification and ecological imbalance.
Furthermore, cultural assimilation policies imposed on Azerbaijanis have undermined their right to preserve and celebrate their unique heritage. The suppression of the Azerbaijani language and culture restricts individuals from fully expressing themselves and participating in society without discrimination or prejudice.
In addition to these violations, reports suggest that arbitrary arrests, detentions without due process, and unfair trials are becoming increasingly common among Azerbaijanis residing within Iran’s borders. These actions infringe upon fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, expression, and association.
It is crucial that we raise our voices against these injustices faced by our fellow Azerbaijani brothers and sisters living in Iran. By signing this petition today:
1) We demand that Iranian authorities take immediate action to address water scarcity issues faced by Azerbaijanis living within their borders.
2) We call upon the Iranian government to respect cultural diversity by promoting inclusivity rather than imposing assimilation policies.
3) We urge the Iranian authorities to ensure the protection of fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech, assembly, expression, and association for all Azerbaijanis.
4) We request international organizations and governments to closely monitor the situation in Iran and hold them accountable for their violations of Azerbaijani rights.
It is time for us to stand in solidarity with our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters in Iran. Let us raise awareness about these violations and work towards a future where everyone can enjoy their fundamental rights without fear or discrimination.
Please sign this petition to support the protection of Azerbaijani rights in Iran. Together, we can make a difference!

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