The statement of the May 20 “Freedom, Justice, National Statehood” Berlin Meeting

The awakened consciences of the free world;
As everyone knows, there is a fascist regime and a bloodthirsty dictatorship in Iran that oppresses its citizens severely, endangers the security of the Middle East and threatens world peace. This regime treats its citizens in a medieval and far from the values of the civilized world manner, it exports terror and fanaticism to the countries of the Middle East, and through economic and military cooperation with the regimes such as Venezuela and Russia, puts global peace at risk.

The citizens of Iran have been struggling for the establishment of democracy for many years and have paid very heavy costs for that. Thousands of citizens have lost their lives, been imprisoned, tortured or suffered serious injuries as a result of the violent and inhumane actions of the fascist Iranian regime. Especially in the recent months, a revolutionary wave spread throughout the country, which unfortunately the Islamic Republic regime suppressed it with violence and cruelty as much as possible, killing hundreds of people, injuring thousands of people and imprisoning and torturing tens of thousands of people. Even though the Iranian regime is facing deep political, economic, social and environmental crises, it is unable to fulfill the basic requirements of a conventional government and poverty, unemployment and corruption are rampant in the country, unfortunately it still continues to oppress the citizens inside, as well as spreading terrorism in the region and the world.

People of the free world;
Although all the citizens of Iran are under oppression, but a large part of the citizens are under more and multiple oppressions. Because Iran is a multi-national, multi-religious and multi-cultural country and there are many variations in this country. But the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize any of these varieties and not only does not grant any rights to them, but also tries to eliminate these varieties by repression. The desirable person of this regime is a Persian Shiite man who believes in the leadership of Faqih (Supreme cleric). Any citizen who has less of these conditions is exposed to more and more oppression.

Although the Turkic nation living in South Azerbaijan and other regions of Iran has a relative majority of the population and has played a central role in the history and structure of the country, like other oppressed nations in Iran, today they are deprived of their fundamental cultural, economic and political rights. Our nation has been fighting for its fundamental rights for more than a century, and today it continues to fight for its democratic demands with the strategic slogan of ” Freedom, Justice, National Statehood “. Our nation has suffered a lot for this struggle, but it has never stopped fighting for freedom and justice.

The meeting we are holding today is on the occasion of the anniversary of our nation’s uprising on May 22, 2006, which was a general uprising of the Turkic nation in South Azerbaijan against national oppression and racism in Iran, and many of our compatriots lost their lives or were injured, imprisoned and tortured by Islamic regime of Iran. As a result, that anti-racism uprising became a turning point in the history of our nation. Also, today we are witnessing that the oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic has brought the oppression and harassment of the citizens to such an extreme extent that it targets the most innocent and defenseless part of the society, the student girls with chemical attacks, which after months, the authorities still has not find out the responsible persons, while the Iranian regime identifies, arrests and executes street protesters within a few days.

We, the participants of this meeting, hereby demand the whole free world to help all the oppressed nations in Iran, including the Turkic nation in South Azerbaijan and other parts of Iran to get ride from the medieval and inhumane regime and to obtain their fundamental and democratic rights.

We also demand the countries of the world not to be silent against export of war and terror by the Iranian regime, which we see clear examples in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Ukraine, etc. We declare our solidarity with all the nations those are exposed to the hostile and adventurous policies of the Iranian regime, and especially we declare that we stand with our sisters and brothers in North Azerbaijan against hostile policies of the Iranian regime.

We also thank those who defend the rights of South Azerbaijan in the international arena. The letter of the representatives of the Israeli parliament in defense of the rights of our nation is a perfect example of the friendship and affection of the two nations of Israel and Azerbaijan and is worthy of appreciation. Of course, we should express our full appreciation and gratitude to President Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan, for supporting and defending the rights and freedoms of South Azerbaijan in international arena, because in the shadow of his efforts, the issue of South Azerbaijan is placed more and more at the center of public opinion in the world.

Coordination Center of the May 20 “Freedom, Justice, National Statehood” Berlin Meeting

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