Demonstration in front of the European institutions to support the Iranian revolution and the Ukrainian diaspora

On March 25th Protestors from the Azeri community in iran gathered in front of the European Parliament and in front of the EU institutions to show their support to the Iranian revolution as well as the Ukrainian diaspora.

The movement called the Freedom and Justice gathering for Iran ” which was organised by Salah Kamerani ,the Spokesperson of this movement together with Mrs Charifa Jafari with the presence of the representatives of the non -Persian nations in iran and Ukrainian diaspora in Europe as well as European journalists and human rights activists.

Manel 3 768x1024 - Demonstration in front of the European institutions to support the Iranian revolution and the Ukrainian diaspora

The rally was moderated by Manel Msalmi, the president of The European Association for The Defense of Minorities. It was a  peaceful demonstration organised by South Azerbaijanis to take place in order  to expose the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran by excluding non-Persian nations from all spheres of decision-making by disinformation and misinformation.

The voice of each nation in Iran has been suppressed in different ways and their basic human rights have been denied. South Azerbaijanis have 40 years of non-violent struggle against racism .The source of recent protests were women, the youth and minority nations.South Azerbaijanis are determined to change the course and press their mark by exposing the racism in Iran and by bringing their untold story to the attention of the world.

The protest is also an opportunity to condemn the imperialist ambitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran for stoking the Russian aggression against Ukraine by supplying drones despite their poor accuracy.So, strengthening minority nations in Iran is a strategic solution for fighting against Iranian aggression.

The Speakers included Mrs Sharifa Jafari ,Mr Saleh Kamrani ,Qashqai Representative Ruhalla Muradi ,Dr Awdi Representative of the Arab Ahwazi community ,Baluchi Representative,The head of the media commission Mr Babek Azad ,the  logistics unit manager Mr Mahud Bilgin

and The head of the Finance Commission Mr Eldar Garadagli.

Famous British journalist and reporter Chris white joined the rally from Ukraine as a reporter to speak about the iranian drones used outside Leviv where he stayed in his humanitarian mission which is an entirely civilian area.He showed his solidarity with the people of Iran and his call for justice for the people of Ukraine .

Gary Cartwright, the editor in chief of EUtoday mentioned his support to the non-Persian nations in iran and his constant work with the Ukrainian diaspora in Europe to help the population there who are victims of the Russian aggression and the need to stop the Iranian regime from persecuting civilians inside and outside iran .

The rally ended with a statement calling for justice and freedom for all non -Persian nations inside Iran as well as women and young protestors victims of IRGC violence, condemning the arbitrary arrests of protestors and the death executions of political dissidents as well as the use of drones against the Ukrainian civilians and the support of the Russian aggression and asking the EU and international community to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.



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