Protests in Iran continue


In the context of the economic crisis and poverty, protests in Iran continue. At present, a large part of the country’s citizens face financial difficulties to meet their daily needs. At the same time, the rise in product prices has led to a shortage of buyers in the markets.

It should be noted that one of the factors contributing to the economic crisis in the country is the depreciation of food. At the same time, the misappropriation of a large part of the budget by government officials has further complicated the living conditions of the population. Amid protests, rallies continue in various cities in Iran, especially in densely populated areas. Officials say the main cause of all the problems is the coronavirus pandemic.

It should be noted that due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in Iran, a number of service centers and workplaces have completely ceased operations. The unemployment of thousands of people over the past year has led to a sharp weakening of the country’s economy. Even protesters took to the streets to protest the government’s policies.
It should be noted that police officers interfered in the protest rally held by businessmen in Tabriz. They tried to break up the protest by using force against the elderly.

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