A truck driver from Tabriz who was transporting goods to Armenia was interviewed by A journalist

Karabakh conflict

In the interview, the driver answered several questions about the transportation of goods from Iran to Armenia, which he saw in recent days. We present this interview. It should be noted that we cannot name the driver and the citizen journalist due to security issues. It should be noted that the driver took a load to Armenia a few days ago and said that he speaks Armenian:

– What kind of cargo did you bring to Armenia?
– I have been carrying cargo to Armenia for several years. These shipments generally consisted of food, clothing, and charcoal. But in recent days we have been directed to the east of Tehran, where I think there were chemicals in the bags.

– Can you talk about the general situation in Armenia?
– A severe crisis is prevailing in Armenia. Nizami’s forces can be seen everywhere. They control people violently. Ordinary people are afraid.

– Did you see anything in the war zones?
– No, drivers are not allowed to approach war zones. We must act only in predetermined ways. mourning for the dead was banned. I think the reason is that there are a lot of casualties.

– Did you see that Iran helped Armenia?
– Yes, I saw dozens of trailers moving to the war zones with the sky.

– Iran claims that it has stopped the dashes in Norway and does not allow them to pass through customs. What would you say about this?
– No, this is not true. Iran has detained 10-15 blue-covered cargo trailers for demonstration at the Iran-Armenia joint economic zone. And this is because I have personally seen more than 50 trailers with regular supplies inside Armenia.

– Do you mean that Iran is lying?
– Yes. Iran is completely lying. In addition, it usually takes about 7-8 hours to unload a truck from Norduz. However, despite the increase in the number of trucks, the time has dropped to 1 or 2 hours since the start of the war. If before the war 10-20 trucks passed through here daily, now this number has risen to 80-90.

– Can you give more information about Car Loads?
– In addition to the regular supply, fuel loads have increased by 2-3 times. Chemicals such as wheat, flour, corn, and tents can be mentioned.

– What do ordinary Armenians think about the war?
– They are tired of the war and their leaders. But they are also very afraid of protest. There was even a weak demonstration that the protesters were treated harshly. Men are unable to go home for fear of being captured and taken away. Ordinary people store food for fear of famine. The police control everything. Police say drivers are not allowed to videotape crossing the border. They even detained a driver suspected of filming for 2 hours at the entrance to Kapa. They didn’t even return his phone. The Armenian people have no hope of victory. Police arrest anyone who does not have a military card and take them to the front. Lights are turned off in the cities many nights. This is probably due to the inability to provide electricity. There is a shortage because they send fuel to Karabakh.

– Can you tell us about suspicious cars?
– A driver from Shiraz told me that they wanted to take my car to Parand Majmu in Tehran. I was dropped off at the entrance and taken away. they hit the load themselves and gave me the car they were pumping. I was instructed to follow a certain path. They said that we monitor you 24 hours a day with CIPE. He said a similar truck traveling with him had five trailers. We were told that your luggage is an expensive piece. But he said the load seemed important. We were escorted by 6 cars to the border. The driver was removed while unloading cargo on the Armenian side. According to him, the cargo smelled of gas or crumbs.

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