In Iran, pensioners held a protest rally

State Social Protection Service

On Monday, the State Social Protection Service held a rally in front of the Program and Budget Office in Tehran to protest against the unification of pensions of a group of retirees, the small amount of sick leave and the fact that the amount of pensions of the Social Security Administration is not equal to the amount of pensions received by government employees.

According to ILNA, the protesters chanted slogans such as “Pensioners’ rights in rials, our expenses in dollars,” “We will not calm down until we get our rights,” “Security, livelihood is our undeniable right.”

According to the protesting pensioners, their pensions are very low compared to the pensions of government officials and regulars, and 76 percent of the pensioners of the Social Security Administration are considered poor.

Retirees also criticized the move, saying that setting the dollar at 17,500 tomans, which was on the agenda of the parliament, would have a huge negative impact on them and the families of workers.

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