The tragedy of empty places in universities

Ali Khaki Sadig

Many experts say that the reason for this unfavorable situation is the overcrowding of university centers.
Students who are admitted to the competition and start studying at the university do not choose professions that will not allow them to work in the future.Those who want to study at university also do not want to study professions that will not be able to work after graduation. Therefore, there is a problem of vacancies in universities.

Ali Khaki Sadig, Deputy Minister of Education of the Ministry of Sciences, said:

“Education at state universities is free. However, students at private universities, such as Azad and Payam Nur, pay tuition fees. Therefore, the fact that educational institutions are not empty is based on supply and demand. If a student wants to pay and study in a certain specialty, we can not oppose it. ”

It should be noted that according to the Amars, 50 percent of job seekers are university graduates.

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