2 more Azerbaijani children were not provided with identification card


The children of two more Azerbaijani families in Iran have not been issued ID cards. The reason is that families choose Turkish names for their children. Thus, Hasan Amirpur Chakhirli, who lives in Tabriz, said on his Instagram page that 70 days have passed since the birth of his son, whom he named Anar.

However, the Registry Office refuses to issue an identity card to the child. Failure to issue a permit has led to a number of difficulties, such as not vaccinating minors. Another family, who named their child Sevgi, faced the same problem. Mehdi Giyasi, the father of love, expressed his complaints on Instagram. According to him, many minors named Sevgi have been issued ID cards.

This issue was also reflected in the official letters sent to the Sabt Mood Organization. However, by a new order of the head of the institution, the right of Azerbaijani parents to choose a national name was taken away from them. Sajjad Coulani, who named his son Ayil, also failed to get an identity card for his daughter. It should be noted that every child in Iran without an identity card is deprived of all social, educational and medical services. It should be noted that the right to name a child from birth is enshrined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Iranian government is one of the signatories. However, Iran refuses to fulfill its obligations under the document.

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