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The government that has problem with gravestones


On the orders of Reza Shah, many historical buildings belonging to the Gajars were destroyed. The building of Mohammad Ali Mirza Sahib Divan, which was destroyed in Tabriz, the central prison of present-day Tabriz and the Gajar palace in Tehran were demolished and replaced by the prison now known as the castle. However, this secret plan was so deep that along with the historic buildings, the graves were destroyed.

Similar incidents took place in remote villages. An example of this is the grave of Teymur’s mother, located in the village of As in Garadagh, according to locals. According to residents, the face stones of the tomb dome were demolished. These stones are used for a new building to be built.

However, this is not the end of the matter, and similar events are taking place during the so-called Islamic Revolution. In 1357, Babek Fortress was ordered to be demolished under the pretext that Babek was an infidel.

A few years ago, we witnessed the demolition of the tomb of Khiyabani in Rey, Tehran. Over the years, under the pretext of repair and construction work in Tabriz, the graves of about 400 poets were destroyed. In this regard, a citizen of the Sorkhab neighborhood of Tabriz sent a video to ANT, which reflected these facts.

He says:
“According to the ancestors, there were graves of many legislators here, and the secrets of the history of that period are located here. This issue is emphasized in some university professors.

The fact that the excavations at the tomb of the poets, which have been going on for 10 years, have not been completed, and that no official is responsible for the construction permits of the tall buildings around it, also shows that most of the officials in Tabriz are just toys.

This can be understood from what Maharram Mahammadzadeh, a member of the city council of Tabriz, said at the meeting of the city council. Mahammadzadeh said at the meeting:

“The next generation will ask us why the excavations are being carried out here and where the historical artifacts are stored. During the night, they demolished many graves of the Mausoleum of Poets and took their belongings”.

However, the answer to what the Tehran government is up to can be found in a poem written on the tombstone of Aziz Purvali, which was destroyed a few days ago.

“The collapse of an unowned country is inevitable”.

If we preserve it this country will never fall. Yes, this word is a sign of the situation in Azerbaijan, which has lasted for almost a century. They silently and secretly destroy anything that belongs to our past.

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