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Gaynarja waterfall has been included the list of natural monuments

Jalil Jabbari

The Gaynarja Waterfall of Tikan Tepe is included in the List of Natural Works of Iran. The statement came from Jalil Jabbari, head of the West Azerbaijan Cultural Heritage Department.

According to him, after the preparation of the case on the registration of Gaynarja waterfall, it was included in the List of Natural Works of the country on the 7th of Bahman, 99.

Jalil Jabbari said that the waterfall is located 50 kilometers north of Tikan Tepe Province, in the village of Ginirja in the western foothills of Mount Bilgeys. Gaynarja village is located in the Takht Suleyman settlement and is considered to be one of the pasture and tourist areas of Tikan Tepe.

According to the report, appropriate infrastructure for tourism has been created in the region in recent years, and these activities are still ongoing.

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