Contradictions of officials’ statements about the high cost of tolls on Lake Urmia

West Azerbaijani

According to the Tasnim news agency from Urmia, it took years for the Urmia Lake crossing bridge to be put into operation. West Azerbaijani officials embittered the people by taking various sums.

In recent months, in the form of field reports and news of the problems of this road and the lack of services and non-standard, the measures of taste, receiving exorbitant tolls and numerous tolls on this road has caused great dissatisfaction of people, drivers, especially local residents. The province also emphasized in several meetings that the tolls of the Urmia Lake crossing bridge should be reduced.

Of course, it goes without saying that Aydin Rahmani, Deputy Governor of West Azerbaijan, criticized the high tolls on Lake Urmia during a meeting to review the problems of the Urmia Lake crossroads bridge. Receiving tolls from the public obliges the relevant officials and agencies to provide welfare services and apologizes to the people in this regard.

Unfortunately, once again, the empty and false promises of the officials caused a lot of dissatisfaction and reactions from the people in cyberspace due to the re-increase of the tolls of Lake Urmia.

Meanwhile, the provincial officials of the Freeway Company do not consider the Urmia-Tabriz route to be a freeway, but the tolls on the lake crossing bridge on this route are increasing month by month.

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