It is impossible to buy a house even with payment of 50 years

Seyid Isa Nazari

Khalkhal MP Seyid Isa Nazari touched upon the statement of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development on the open stage of the 21st parliament.

“Unfortunately, the situation with rents in different cities is very difficult and neglected. There is no written program of the city and road ministry. The truth is that you can’t buy a house with a monthly salary for 50 years, ”he said.

In order to keep house prices stable, “2.8 million houses had to be built. But this did not happen. Unfortunately, a village with 200 houses does not have an asphalt road. 20 years ago, the railway in Ardabil had to be completed. However, there is still no news about its completion, “Nazari added.

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