The main reason for the high cost of household appliances is the high cost of steel

Abbas Hashemi

One of the main reasons for the recent rise in house prices in Iran is the rise in steel prices by 212 percent.

He said that the price of household appliances has risen by 212 percent, while the cost of production has increased by 150 percent, which is reflected in prices.

Abbas Hashemi said that since 1398 to date, 212 percent of steel and 150 percent of aluminum are expensive.

Abbas Hashemi said that the price of raw materials for home appliances is calculated in line with the world, and said that the rise of the euro has led to an increase in production costs by at least 150 percent.

In this case, Abbas Hashemi said that the 25 percent increase in prices set by the state at the beginning of the year was not true and logical.

It should be noted that the price of household appliances in Iran has risen sharply in recent years. In addition to the high cost of raw materials and the depreciation of the Iranian fog, goods are often sold on the market by intermediaries. This situation complicates control and sometimes leads to shortages and increased prices.

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