4.5 million tons

The natural and geographical conditions of Ardabil province play a decisive role in the development of agriculture. Thus, 4.5 million tons of agricultural products are grown annually in the province. The annual volume of potatoes in Ardabil reaches 800,000 tons. The financial turnover of the product is 600 billion tomans. Part of the product is exported to Azerbaijan and Iraq. Of the 800,000 tons of underground, 550 tons are exported to the regions and other countries.

Ali Nemati, director of the food and processing industry of Jahad Kishavarzi Sazima, Ardabil province, said that there were 16 potato warehouses with an annual storage capacity of 42,000 tons in the province. In addition, 18 potato storages with a storage capacity of 39,000 tons were approved.

It should be noted that there is a warehouse with a total storage capacity of 42,000 tons in Ardabil Province. The province must store 500,000 tons of potatoes a year.
According to research, the income from the product range of potatoes brings 5-10 percent more revenue from the sale of this product.

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