13 hectares of saffron have been planted in the fields of Ahar district

Mohammad Asadi

The head of East Azerbaijan Ahar Agriculture, Mohammad Asadi, said on August 8 that “13 hectares of saffron have been planted in the sown areas of the district.”

“Saffron or gold is one of the most valuable and economical products, and the cultivation of this product in rural areas can lead to economic prosperity in addition to employment,” Asadi told reporters.

Regarding the advantages of saffron cultivation, Mohammad Asadi said that this crop needs little water, is planted for 1 year and harvested for 7-10 years, is easy to grow, and does not require large storage space.
Assadi also said that “farmers and villagers are interested in planting this important and economical crop, and the largest area of ​​this crop is planted and harvested in the village of Daylari in the county.” The best time to harvest saffron is after the third year when 4-8 kilograms are harvested from each hectare. ”

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