Western Azerbaijan

Residents of Western Azerbaijan complain about the lack of oil in the markets. Mohammad Dehgan, the region’s deputy director of trade for industry, mining and trade, said the shops were provided with 95 percent of the products they would be given. However, the lack of oil in the shops and the sale of vegetable butter at a high price caused dissatisfaction among the population.

Residents say the rise in oil prices is due to a lack of control over markets and shops. Shopkeepers say there is an increase in the price of not only butter but all goods.

According to Mohammad Dehghan, there is no shortage of vegetable oil in the province. More than 95 percent of the 1,236 tons of butter allocated by the state has already been brought here and distributed to shops. In addition, Western Azerbaijan has a share of 824 tons, of which 600 tons were sent to markets and shops. The selling price of the product presented to buyers is indicated on the packaging. Those facing a price increase are asked to contact the price press 124.

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