The dollar has risen to 24 000 tomans

Market of Iran

As the national currency of Iran continues to depreciate against foreign currencies, the dollar and the euro began to appreciate again in the open market of Iran today.

According to the latest changes in the exchange rate in the Tehran market, today, on the 16th of March, the dollar reached 24,000 tomans and the euro was sold at about 28,000 tomans.

According to the ILNA news agency, the price of the dollar is said to be 23,000 tomans to sell to people, which is 500 tomans more than the previous day. Money changers take $ 22,000 from people.

The news agency announced the price of the euro at 26,750 tomans.

From Tire 3, a new wave of depreciation of the Iranian national currency against the US dollar began. According to this, the value of the rial against the dollar has exceeded 20,000 tomans, and this unprecedented trend is still going on.

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